Connecting to IRC for the training (and in general)

Wed, 08/08/2012 - 17:35 -- nat

As came up in our call, it would be great to have folks spend more time IRC, because that is where we (Ross and I) are every day, and because it is a tool that free software folks and techies use as a primary way to communicate.

Connection Details:
Channels/ Chatrooms: #poctechies and #mayfirst


Ross worked with folks to set up xChat, so if you are using your laptop, you can use that. If you are on another operating system (or even Linux) you can use Pidgin, which does IRC in addition to a dozen other chat protocols, and works on many platforms. If you want to use Pidgin on your Debian/ Ubuntu machines it is in the package repositories and the package name is "pidgin".

There are other clients that work. If you want to learn a command line tool, ask us about irssi.

If you are not on a machine where you can change the password, you could always use the Mayfirst web hosted client found at: If you do go that route you can only use the #mayfirst channel. Also, please change your name to something other than Guest.